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BHIKHAARAM CHANDMAL RAJUJI a brand name was started by Late Bhikharam ji and his son Late Chandmal ji in Bikaner. In 1923, together they used to sell bhujia which was their family invention. Bhujia became popular and was loved by people. As the family grew bigger, Late Kishan Gopal ji Agarwal one of the sons of Chandmal Ji, moved to Kolkata with his family. He started with a small shop by selling Bhujia and some sweets renowned in Rajasthan.

Among his all other sons Shri Raj kumar ji Agarwal expanded the branches with many outlets and introducing varied variety of savours and sweets under one hut. This way Bhikharam Chandmal Rajuji come to stand for a good company which is known for its taste, quality and hygiene.

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